How to identify a good essential oil


Identifying Botanical species


Essential oils must imperatively come from botanically certified plants, i.e. identified by their Latin name.
- For example: Eucalyptus radiata

Plant Identification

Aromatology is a science based on precise botanical knowledge. Ignorance and neglect of this knowledge can lead to abuse, adverse reactions, and toxicity. Latin names must be used, rather than vernacular information that can be imprecise and sometimes misleading. It is imperative to know precisely which plant to use.

A "Family" is composed of related group of classes.
A "Class" is composed of a closely related group of species.
A "Species" is composed of a closely related group of plants with very specific characteristics.
A "Subspecies" is a species division.
A "Cultivated Variety" (cultivar) is plant cultivated for unique, specific characteristics. It is a spontaneous variant of a species (not to be confused with voluntary hybridizing)
A "Hybrid" is the result of a cross between varieties, cultivar and species.



Essential oils contain a broad spectrum of various aromatic molecules that need to be mentioned on labels.