Pranarôm, expert in scientific aromatherapy


Pranarôm was founded in 1975 by Pierre Franchomme, a researcher and aromatherapist known for his innovative work in chemotype research.


Dominique Baudoux has been running this Belgian research business since 1991. A pharmacist by training with a passion for essential oils, he has given Pranarôm its international outlook whilst retaining the initial aim of developing aromatherapy with the scientific rigour that the discipline deserves.

As a result of the strict working methodology followed by its team, Pranarôm International S.A. has forged itself a place as the leader in the field of scientific aromatherapy.


At Pranarôm, every new batch of essential oils is analysed in the laboratory using GC-MS gas-phase chromatography to guarantee you the highest quality 100% pure natural and complete chemotyped essential oils.